Interior Doors

Interior Doors

DOOR FEATURES : High density honeycomb core No 1 construction. (refer construction type or technical information). Pre-primed faces for painting. Profile rout pattern both sides.

Choosing the right timber interior doors can be very important. It is crucial because of you choose the right an interior doors not only affect the aesthetic look of the home, but also its value. It is therefore essential that you select a door that will serve both these two purposes. At Timber Doors Direct, we have over the years designed and constructed timber door for various client in Australia. We have always made sure that our clients get the best and most attractive timber interior doors.

Unlike other timber door manufacturers out there, we are always committed to making sure that we provide you with the best products by building timber interior doors that have great features. Our interior doors include the following features; a high density honeycomb core, both sides of the door have profile rout patterns, and the faces on both sides come pre-primed for painting. We our doors boasting of these features and more, you can rest assured that our timber interior doors are the best choice for anyone that is not looking to buy just any door, but rather a great door.

Unlike most other timber door manufactures, at Timber Doors Direct, we have set reasonable and pocket friendly prices for our excellent and quality timber interior doors. This is because we understand that should not be a problem when you want to get the best timber interior doors in Australia.

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